We Likey: 5 Unusual Coffee Places in Budapest

1. Alexandra Bookcafe (Lotz terem)


Ever dreamed of drinking a cup of coffee 19th-century style? Pompous cafe with quite reasonable prices and delicious coffee on the second floor of the Alexandra bookstore, in the former building of the Paris House department store. There, where 100 years ago ladies tried on hats and gloves, today you can stretch your legs and drink Viennese coffee with Dobos torta (favorite dessert of Queen Elizabeth).

Andrássy út 39, 1061

2. Kelet Café and Gallery


Photo Kelet’s FB page


Cozy place with books, fresh magazines, friendly English-speaking staff and amazing coffee. Always open (even on holidays). Warning: try not selling your soul for their grilled sandwiches with catfish!

Bartók Béla út 29, 1115


Photo Instagram @isambaeva


3. Massolit Books & Café


Photo WeLoveBudapest


Similar to the previous place vibe, but even smaller and cuter. Great garden area in summer for vitamin-D-lackers.

Nagy Diófa u. 30, 1072


Photo On the Grid



Photo Instagram @isambaeva


4. Why Not? Cafe and Bar

Great river and Liberty bridge view, LGBT community, occasional Bingo parties. Sounds like something you would find super fun? Hell yeah! Why not? 😀

Belgrád rkp. 3-4, 1056


5. Cat Cafe

15 cats lazily sleeping here and there all over the cafe. Meow.


PS: Nem Adom Fel Café & Bar

“Nem Adom Fel” is Hungarian for “Never Give Up” – states their web page. Founders and all the employees are people with special needs. We haven’t been there yet, but strongly support the project!

Photo madomfelkavezo.hu

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